Saudi Embassy In Beirut Wants To Reunite The Taif MPs On November 5th


The Saudi Embassy in Beirut has invited all former MPs who had partaken in the 1989 Taif meetings to attend a conference at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut on November 5, a media report said.

The conference will be titled “Taif 33 – The Lebanese National Accord”, Annahar newspaper said.

The Saudi invitation comes as a reminder of the content of the Taif Accord, especially the part that is yet to be implemented in terms of executing reforms and limiting weapons to legitimate Lebanese Armed Forces.

Holding the meeting at this exact time resembles a message to those calling for dialogues aimed at amending the Taif Agreement. The message says: implement Taif with its exact stipulations and there will be no need for alternative dialogues or agreements.

Only 15 out of 62 MPs who had attended the Taif meetings are still alive – Hussein al-Husseini, Albert Mansour, Hassan al-Rifai, Michel Maalouli, Boutros Harb, Zaher al-Khatib, Najah Wakim, Mohammed Youssef Baydoun, Edmond Rizk, Anwar al-Sabah, Munif al-Khatib, Gebran Tawk, Saleh al-Kheir, Talal al-Merehbi, and Mikhail al-Daher.