“Save The Children” Warns About The Collapse Of Lebanon


The NGO Save The Children Lebanon has released a statement warning about the collapse of Lebanon’s economy and its direct effect on children living on the Lebanese territory.

The International NGO warned that the ongoing inflation is plummeting the Lebanese pound into historic lows from the beginning of the new year, which will drive more children into poverty while they are also dealing with multiple crises without any sign of relief.

The Lebanese pound, which lost more value, will be driving the poor families into a poorer state.

Most vulnerable families can not afford food, electricity, and fuel anymore because, according to Save The Children, “a tank of fuel for a small car now costs more than a month’s salary on minimum wage.”

Lebanon’s currency has been losing its value since 2019, and more speedily these past few months, reaching alarming lows at more than 90% loss of value. That is leaving countless children in total poverty, to the point that many are eating less than ever in the past two years.

The World Bank Group

Jennifer Moorehead, Save the Children’s Country Director in Lebanon, indicated that:

“The children and families we work with tell us every day of the impossible choices they have to make between food and rent, electricity and medication, and sending their children to school.”

“This will have a devastating impact on Lebanese, refugee, and migrant children across the country, putting even more basic necessities out of reach and forcing more and harder choices.”

The international NGO continued with: “2022 looks like it will be another long, hard year for children and their families in Lebanon.”

Save the Children is demanding from the Lebanese authorities to urgently take measures “to stabilize the economy to prevent further suffering of children and their families.”

Human Rights Watch has also issued almost the same report yesterday due to the inaction of the Lebanese government that is affecting all levels of the Lebanese civil society and the refugees living on the Lebanese territory.

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