Sawfar, Lebanon in 10 amazing photos

Sawfar is a Lebanese village in Aley. The Lamartine Valley, which is named after the renowned French poet who visited Lebanon, separates Sawfar from Matn. The region offers an amazing view of the district.

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This village is famous for being calm; that’s why it is visited by thousands of tourists in summer! If you need a break from your busy life, go straight to Sawfar!

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Sawfar looks like a piece of art in fall!

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Summers are dry, whereas the temperature drops below zero in winter times. The region perfectly witnesses all four seasons, which makes Sawfar a favorite destination for nature lovers!

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The authentic Lebanese houses are eye-catching!

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In the 19th and 20th century, Sawfar was a favorite summer destination for Beirut’s elites. The region was full of ravishing villas, among them the beautiful Donna Maria Sursock Residence.

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During the Lebanese civil war, militias looted and damaged the villa. The residence is currently inhabited, but small steps are being taken to renovate the building.

The view of the clouds above the valley is spectacular!

Sawfar is one of the best road trip destinations in Lebanon!

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It’s a wonderland in winter!