School installs the largest solar system on campus in Lebanon!

Some institutions and individuals are choosing to fight environmental problems by adopting eco-friendly habits such as recycling or using solar panels. Recently, the American Community School in Beirut (ACS) installed the largest solar photovoltaic system on a school campus in Lebanon. In fact, this system converts lights to electricity. The project, which is providing 25% of the campus’ energy needs, has been executed in the scope of the school’s initiative which is called “Towards a Green Campus.” Using renewable energy helps us in reducing pollution and decreasing costs. Thanks to this initiative, the students at ACS will learn the importance of sustainability. The implementation of this project started two years ago, and it was accomplished by Yelloblue which is a renewable energy and energy efficiency company in Lebanon. In fact, Yelloblue created a


where people can see the energy consumption of ACS. The total installed power is 356.4 KWp which is equivalent to a generator of 338 KW AC. One of the most important projects that Yelloblue has implemented is the installation of the biggest solar water heating system in Lebanon for the dorms of Notre Dame University – Louaize which house 450 students. It is heating a total of 27 000 liters of water on a daily basis. Such institutions are great examples not only for their students but also for the entire Lebanese community. Let’s hope that other institutions in Lebanon will also follow this path to create a greener and a healthier environment in Lebanon.

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