Screens Across Beirut Airport Were Just Hacked Showing Anti-Hezbollah Messages (Photos)

Rafik Hariri Airport

The screens across Beirut’s Rafik Hariri Airport got hacked this afternoon, on Sunday, January 7th, where messages appeared on them accompanied by the “Soldiers of God” logo.

The text translates as follows:

“In the name of the Lord and the people
Rafik Hariri Airport is not for Hezbollah and Iran. Hassan Nasrallah, you will not find a supporter if Lebanon is afflicted by a war and bears its responsibilities and consequences. Hezbollah, we will not fight on behalf of anyone. You bombed our port and now you want to wreck our airport with your weapons. Let the airport be freed from the grip of your state.”

It’s not confirmed whether it was a hacking of the operating system or an internal breach.

The attack reportedly led to the disruption of the BHS baggage inspection system, and the Internal Security Forces at the airport are working to implement the alternative plan and to maintain normal movement with all security and administrative agencies operating at the airport.

Following the breach, two text messages arrived to the Lebanese on their phones. The first appeared to be sent by the Information Division and the second by Middle East Airlines. However, these two messages are fake and their source is unknown, according to LBCI.

The most recent updates state that the screens are back to work and that 3 suspects were arrested, with no further details provided at the moment.

Jnoud el Rab denied any involvement in the breach saying they don’t get involved in politics and their fight is against satan.

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