12 Scuba Diving Schools In Lebanon For When You’re Ready To Explore What’s Down There

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With domestic tourism on the rise, one exciting activity to do is try exploring Lebanon’s fascinating aquatic life and challenging yourself to scuba diving lessons.

Here are some places where you can learn how to scuba dive from the best instructors in Lebanon:

#1 Narcosis Diving Facility

Located in Dbayeh, the Narcosis Diving Facility has been providing training and scuba diving certification in Lebanon for more than 20 years.

#2 Let’s Drive Academy

Let’s Dive Academy is living up to the quote by Jacques Yves Cousteau who said, “The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.” Based at the Portemilio Resort in Jounieh, the academy’s team is made of professional divers who have certifications from IANTD, NAUI, and DAN.

#3 U-961 Scuba Diving Lebanon

This popular scuba diving school in Jounieh is inviting people into the serenity of the quiet underwater world where it feels like all of life’s troubles are banned to follow.

#4 Stingray Divers Lebanon

Located in Hotel Bel Azure in Jounieh, the Stingray Diving Center offers scuba diving lessons for all levels from beginners to professionals.

#5 NISD Diving

Established in 1980, the National Institute for Scuba Diving (NISD) is a recreational and technical diving club and school located in the Beirut Marina.

#6 Lebanon Diving Center

The Lebanese Diving Center endeavors to take curious adventurers into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and capture their memorable diving experiencing in photos.

#7 C-Club Scuba Diving Center

Established in Tabarja in 2002, the C-Club Scuba Diving Center is an internationally recognized diving center that offers skin diving courses, scuba diving courses, daily diving, boat, and fishing trips, boat trips., and more.

#8 Scuba Nano

Scuba Nano in the Cimer Saframarine Beach Resort is delivering NAUI scuba diving courses and technical diving training to divers of all levels.

#9 Xtreme Dive Center (XDC)

Located in the Holiday Beach Marina in Zouk Mosbeh, XDC offers full training both on recreational and technical diving to satisfy both amateur and professional divers.

#10 Calypso Diving Center

Located in the Movenpick resort in Beirut, the Calypso dive center has been organizing dive and snorkeling trips for any level of experience since 2002.

#11 Scuba Bubble Diving Club

Located in Sidon the Bubbles Scuba school offers all kinds of courses and sessions to help adventurers become certified divers and even instructors of their own.

#12 Dive The Med

Dive the Med is a diving school operating from the San Stephano Resort in Batroun.

Editor’s note – 03/06/2021An initial version of this article had a different location for the Scuba Bubble Diving Club but this has been corrected after further confirmation.

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