Scuffles Resume Between Protesters & Security Force In North Lebanon

epa-efe / Wael Hamzeh

After a day of peaceful protest, clashes broke out between a group of protesters and security forces in Tripoli, Lebanon.

On Sunday, people from Beirut and other parts of Lebanon made their way for Tripoli to protest in solidarity with the residents of the northern capital.

Carrying Lebanese flags and chanting revolutionary songs, they held a peaceful protest in Al-Nour Square that was reminiscent of the ones of the Oct. 17 Revolution.

But as the large crowd began to dissipate, a group of young protesters, pumped with newfound energy, attempted to storm the Tripoli Serail once again.

In protest of the harrowing living conditions, they burned tires outside the building and threw stones towards it.

As usual, they were met with heavy tear gas fired from the roof of the Serail.

The Lebanese army, which was heavily deployed in the area amid the recent clashes, intervened to control the situation.

The army reportedly fired rubber bullets towards the people protesting to disperse the crowd.

On Sunday, the army announced that it has arrested 17 people involved in acts of vandalism in Tripoli, such as the burning of the city’s municipality.