Sculptures Of This Lebanese Artist Are Made Out Of War Shrapnel

Born in 1947, Gianne Makki Bacho is a Lebanese artist. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, her house in Corniche Al Mazraa got destroyed. She lost all her belongings, and all she was left with were war shrapnel and her memories. Even though she went through tough times, Bacho refused to let this horrendous event in her life to affect her in a negative way. So she gathered all the shrapnel and started making sculptures out of them in 1982. Her work aims at reflecting the psychological and physical damage of the war in Lebanon. Among her sculptures are cedars, prisoners, tanks, carriages, motorcycles, boats, and all sorts of weapons. Bacho sculpted her memories of the war and the mental picture of what her younger-self witnessed. The goal of her exhibitions is to show people the atrocities of the invasion and make them able to see what Lebanese people have suffered at that time. Her art goes beyond representing the Israeli invasion; it’s more about moving on. The Lebanese artist wants to show her defeat against the Israeli since she was able to give life to the war shrapnel that took the lives of Lebanese people away. More than sculptures, the message behind Bacho’s work is about challenging life’s obstacles, just like Lebanon has always done. Despite the hardships that Lebanon has gone through, it always proved the world how strong it is.

The Strength Of Lebanon

Lebanon is stronger than we think.

Whether it’s now or during the ancient times, Lebanon showed its capability of standing back on its feet after falling hard. Lebanese people have always been resilient. By keeping the currency stable despite the crisis in the region and hiding the scars of the Lebanese civil war, Lebanon is a living and a thriving proof that what doesn’t kill you (or what almost kills you) makes you stronger. As Lebanese people, we shall never forget to accept challenges. After all, this is how our beautiful country is still alive.