Second Plane Arrives In Lebanon From Canada With Tons Of Firefighting Gear, Cancer Meds & Food

The Second Plane Arrives In Lebanon From Canada With Tons of Aid Including Firefighting Gear And Cancer Meds

The second cargo plane sent by the humanitarian relief campaign Canada for Lebanon landed in Beirut on September 6th, bringing tons of aid to the Lebanese people.

The plane (Flight CJT 1493) delivered food and medical supplies, including medicine for cancer patients, to Lebanon, to support the ongoing relief efforts in the wake of the August 4 explosion.

Upon its arrival, the Lebanese Army unloaded the cargo before the pre-determined consignees received their respective shares, donated by various Canada-based organizations, businesses, and individuals through Canada for Lebanon.

The following is a full list of the consignees and what they received:

Food donation by Canada for Lebanon

NGOs and Others


GlobalMedic, with donations from Operation Ramzieh and Elite Accounting, provided hundreds of boxes of food, including baby food to the Lebanese NGO CARITAS.

Canada for Lebanon food donations

CARITAS received a total of 14 skids of foodstuffs, in addition to 10 skids of Family Emergency Kits (FEK), each kit of which contains hygiene items such as toothpaste, soap, oral rehydration sachets, and others.

Bonheur du Ciel

In addition to hundreds of food boxes provided by GlobalMedic with the help of Operation Ramzieh and Elite Accounting, Bonheur du Ciel has received over 2,000 toys donated by the Toronto Fire Department.

FEK: Water purification sachets and hygiene items

The 10 skids of food items donated to Bonheur du Ciel were complemented by 11 skids of FEKs that include water purification sachets and cloths, in addition to hygiene items.

Municipality of Beirut – Beirut Fire Department (fawj itfa2)

Firefighting equipment sent from Canada to Lebanon

The Municipality of Beirut has received 5 skids of urgently needed equipment for the Beirut Fire Department, including gear, such as helmets, coats, and boots, donated by GlobalFire.

The Municipality also received a skid of commercial off-the-shelf products.

Lebanese Food Bank

10 skids of foodstuffs have been donated to the Lebanese Food Bank. The Food Bank previously received tons of food items from the first plane that was sent to Beirut by the Canada for Lebanon campaign.

The Lebanese Food Bank has received 10 skids of foodstuffs


LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

LAUMCRH received 3 skids of foodstuffs and 3 skids of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Around 20,000 KN95 face masks, 2,000 gloves, 500 medical gowns, and 500 face shields have been donated to the hospital, respectively by MultiCraft, Milad Khalil, and Operation Ramzieh (gowns and face shields).

Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

3 skids of food, 3 skids of PPE, and 8 skids of toys have been donated to the CCCL.

These include KN95 face masks, gloves, medical gowns, face shields, in addition to cancer drugs, which have been donated, respectively, by MultiCraft, Milad Khalil, and Operation Ramzieh (gowns and face shields).

To avoid the CCCL paying duties for the toys, since they are not technically considered humanitarian relief items, the Lebanese Army received them on the Center’s behalf.

Toys were donated to the CCCL

Hopital des Soeurs du Rosaire

The hospital has received 3 skids of PPE, including face masks, gloves, medical gowns, and face shields, donated by the same donors mentioned above, in addition to 3 skids of food.

Saint George Hospital University Medical Center

Like the other hospitals on this list, SGHUMC has been provided with 3 skids of PPE and 3 skids of foodstuffs, donated by the same sources.

On August 27th, the first cargo plane from Canada For Lebanon landed in Beirut with tons of food boxes and other basic aid. Several more aid shipments are set to follow in the coming weeks.

To stay updated on the ongoing Canada for Lebanon operation and learn more about its details, you can visit our dedicated page actively covering its progress.

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