Secular Group Just Won 6 Out Of 7 Lists At The ‘Order of Engineers & Architects’ Elections, Here Are All The Details

"Syndicate Revolts" Deliver A Huge Blow To The Regime Coalition In Today's Elections In Lebanon

In a landslide victory, “Syndicate Revolts” members dominated the lists in today’s Engineers and Architects Syndicate Elections.

The coalition of independent groups won six out of the seven delegate branches, ending a decades-long control of political parties on this syndicate. The only lost branch was that of government-employed and retired engineers.

George Issa, who was running for the contractors’ branch, got the most votes among the branches with 1174 votes. Rami Shiban, of the civil engineers’ branch, followed with 1042 votes.

“Syndicate Revolts” managed to get 70% of the total votes while the coalition of political parties only managed to gather 30% of them.

The branch of the civil engineers got the biggest number of delegates with 60 of them while the branch of the government-employed and retired engineers, which was won by the political parties coalition, got only 12 delegates.

The next step would be voting for 10 members of the council and the head of the syndicate. The battle between “Syndicate Revolts” and the political parties coalition continues on the 18th of July.

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