Secular Wins 8 Seats In LAU Student Elections


The secular and independent parties at the Lebanese American University (LAU) won 8 seats in the student elections.

The Student Council hosts 29 seats to be distributed among students, the university’s website shows.

The seats were distributed as followed:

Beirut Campus

  • 6 seats for Amal
  • 3 seats for Indepdents
  • 3 seats for Secular
  • 2 seats for Lebanese Forces (LF)

Byblos Campus:

  • 10 seats Lebanese Forces (LF)
  • 2 seats for the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
  • 2 seats for Independents
  • 1 seat for secular

Last year’s results were more favorable to the opposition consisting of independents and secular groups, as they won 14 seats overall.

However, the results may not reflect the student’s affiliation since 51 percent of students abstained from voting in this year’s elections.

Social media expressed disappointment in the election results.

Others took the hit in the stride, saying change doesn’t happen overnight, and dismantling the system that has been in place for over 30 years takes time.

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Secular Wins 8 Seats In LAU Student Elections

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