Secular Club Wins Most Seats In USJ’s Student Elections

Naji Abi Nader- USJ

The Secular Club at the University Sant Joseph (USJ) won 10 faculties out of 15 in the student elections for the second year in a row.

According to the General Secretariat at USJ, the participation percentage in this year’s election reached 78.4%, where the proportional system was adopted and the elections were based on electronic voting.

The elections were held on the five university campuses and university lesson centers.

The Secular Club announced its victory in 10 out of 15 faculties, with 98 seats in each of the faculties of economic sciences, medicine, and sciences.

In addition, the Secular Club won by acclamation in the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, School of Midwives, Higher Institute of Speech Therapy, Institute of Occupational Therapy, Institute of Human Sciences, Faculty of Nursing Sciences, and Lebanese Teachers Institute.

The Lebanese Forces (LF) announced in a statement their win in the Faculty of Law, known as Huvelin, and the restoration of the student body presidency, which they had lost to the Secular Club last year.

The LF also won the presidency of the faculties of Business Administration, Law, Communications, Physical Therapy, and Laboratory Sciences.

The youth section of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) also announced that it “ran the elections and retained the number of faculties it acquired last year so that the movement won four faculties.”

Talia Alexandox, an activist in the Secular Club, considered that the postponement of the student elections against the backdrop of the Tayouneh events favored the LF students, who promoted sectarianism, particularly among first-year students.

The LF denied any coordination between them and the Amal Movement on campus, stating that it ran the elections with its own lists. The Amal Movement also made a statement denying the allegations.

The students of the Future Movement were absent from the electoral scene in all universities, including the USJ, as they announced in a statement their boycott of the elections by nomination and voting.

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Secular Club Wins Most Seats In USJ's Student Elections

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