Lebanese Authorities Are Hunting Down An Accomplice In A Heist

A man was arrested in eastern Lebanon for working with Israeli intelligence, according to the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

Lebanese Security Forces issued a statement of the arrest of a thief in Barbour accused of a heist with an accomplice, following a complaint by a civilian on May 4th of the theft of his safe from his residence in Barbour.

The iron safe containe4d $70,000, a block of gold worth $3,000, and 100 million LBP.

According to the Security Forces’ statement, procedures were then taken at the site of the crime in order to identify the perpetrators; a Lebanese individual, S. A., born in 1999 and is considered to be the mind behind the heist, and his Syrian accomplice born in 2004.

Evidence indicated that the second perpetrator broke into the house and extracted the safe, whereas the first waited for him in a black 4×4 getaway car.  

Based on this evidence, an arrest order was issued, and the first perpetrator was caught in Beirut on May 5th in the getaway vehicle.

Upon searching his house in Chiyyah, a sum of $5,288 was found alongside 34 million LBP. The required legal action was taken against him, and he was referred with the stolen items to the proper authorities.

Security forces have yet to catch the second perpetrator and are currently on the lookout for him.

This news comes alongside a string of similar occurrences all over the country. People’s salaries have plummeted to an insignificant portion of what they were worth prior to the financial crisis. Theft rates reached an alarming increase, as reported by the International Information consultancy firm.  

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