Security Forces & Families Of Beirut Blast Victims Clashed During Protest

@karimpaulhabet | AP

Opposing the demolition of the wheat silos, the families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion protested in front of the Church of the University of Holy Spirit in Kaslik where a Good Friday service was to be held.

A clash erupted between them and the security forces when some of the protesting families tried to block the road to impede the Lebanese President and the officials to attend the traditional service.

Frustrations have been increasing among the families at their plea for justice being disregarded.

With the parliament’s approval on Thursday to demolish the silos of the Beirut Port, the families are feeling further disregarded, deeming the demolishment to be an eradication of the crime scene.

They gathered in front of the port in Beirut on Thursday afternoon, as soon as the government announced its approval to demolish the silos.

According to them, the demolition is unfair as it is disregarding the victims, adding that this would be a way for politicians to “hide the traces of the crime.”

“The probe in the case has not yet been issued, and we are waiting for the acceleration of judicial proceedings to find out the truth behind the explosion and hold those responsible accountable,” said William Noun, a family member of one of the victims.

On Thursday, the Lebanese cabinet approved the demolition of one of the main remnants of the Beirut port explosion.

According to Lebanon’s Information Minister, Ziad Makari, a technical report said that the grain silos were likely to collapse in the upcoming months, adding that it was too expensive to repair them. However, the minister did not specify a specific date for the demolition.

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