The State Didn’t Cover Treatment Costs Of Security Forces Injured Protecting Fahmi’s Residence


Violence broke out earlier this weekend between the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and families of Beirut Blast victims at the residence of caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi.

As security forces tried to push back the protesting families and activists, dozens of injuries were reported on both sides. The ISF reported at least 20 injuries among its forces.

Apparently, they were not even duly compensated for their service. According to Sawt Beirut International (SBI), injured security forces who were wounded while protecting a minister’s home had to pay for their medical treatment at their own expense.

SBI indicated the state only covers their medical bills at the 1,500 LBP exchange rate and not at the parallel market rate. This prompted several officers to reject treatment and leave the hospital, an ISF member told SBI.

During the confrontation, activists and families of the blast victims tried speaking through to the officers, pleading for them to stop protecting those who are standing in the face of justice.

However, these officers, whose salaries amount to merely $50 at the current exchange rate, are under obligation by their job and pledge to serve and protect and obey orders, and that includes facing angry protesters and protecting the officials.

It is no secret just how much ISF, along with the Lebanese Army, is struggling financially and pushing through the toughest economic crisis Lebanon has ever seen.

As the state has failed to do the minimum by these officers wounded in the line of duty, and duly cover the medical cost to treat their wounds, one could only wonder how valuable it deems the military personnel.