A Security Officer Caught Interfering With A Citizen Vote In Hermel – Lebanon Elections

Monitors of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) caught on camera a Lebanese security officer interfering with the voting of a citizen inside the polling station in Mazraet Sajed, in Hermel.

Security officers inside all polling stations in Lebanon are part of the Minister of Defence’s plan to ensure election security, which includes the safety of the staff, the delegates, and the voters, as well as impeding any violations.

Violations have already started on this Election Day, with LADE recording several so far.

Among them was an incident in Hezbollah-controlled Baalbek-Hermel District where delegates of an opposing electoral list, backed by the Lebanese Forces party, were expelled from a polling station.

Note: Citizens can report voting incidents or violations by contacting LADE on 70298965 and/or 01333713.

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