Self-Quarantined Lebanese Celebrate Neighbor’s Birthday from Balconies (Video)

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Lockdowns and quarantines are happening all over the world. It is no different in Lebanon where the government has declared a national medical emergency.

However, Lebanese people have always been known for their love of life, and the ability to come together in times of grief and joy.

Several videos surfaced online of Lebanese using their skill to turn these unsettling circumstances, into joyful quarantined balcony gatherings, or morally supportive ones like this Lebanese boy in Tripoli beautifully playing his Saxophone for his neighborhood.

STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon

The Lebanese across Lebanon have also taken to their balconies on Monday night to applaud the health workers at the frontline of this outbreak, in a stand of moral support and appreciation.

Answer the Call

Amid all the stress and fear these days, the self-quarantine Lebanese are trying to fight this “war” with their joyful spirit of unity.

Such an inspiring example was seen on Sunday night in a heartwarming spontaneous event in Achrafieh when all the neighborhood went out on their balconies to celebrate their neighbor’s birthday.

A moment to remember for the birthday lady and all around. There were laughter and cheers, a cake and a candle to blow, the happy birthday song resonating in the night, followed by applauses and more laughter.

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Self-Quarantined Lebanese Celebrate Neighbor's Birthday from Balconies (Video)

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