Reminder: It’s illegal to sell colored chicks in Beirut!

On April 2015, the Governor of Beirut, Judge Ziad Chbib, announced that selling chicks, particularly colored chicks, in Beirut is illegal. Around Easter time, it is common to see parents buying colored chicks for their children.

Say NO to buying baby chicks for EASTER. It is immoral, unethical and illegal! Please SHARE!

Posted by Animals Lebanon on Monday 5 March 2018

Here are the things you need to know about the living conditions of these chicks:

  • The dye that is used is toxic and shortens their lifespans.
  • The chicks are kept in tiny boxes all day long without enough space to move or to sleep comfortably.
  • They are sold outdoors which means that they are kept under the sun.
  • They are not fed properly.

The chicks can either die from starvation or from the toxic effects of the dye.

THIS IS ILLEGAL AND UNETHICALPlease REPORT IT to Beirut Municipality when seen.‎هذا غير قانوني وغير أخلاقي‎يرجى…

Posted by Animals Lebanon on Thursday 8 March 2018

Also, selling chicks violates the animal protection and welfare law that was signed in August 2017 since they are being abused. Remember, little chicks need special care.

Most of them die two or three days after being bought. So, if you want to make your kid, little cousin or sibling happy, buy them something else.

It’s cruel to make chicks go through this process just to make ourselves happy.

There are two things you can do to help:

  • Report chick vendors to the Municipality of Beirut.
  • Do not buy chicks. That way, you won’t be encouraging the vendors to remain in this business.

Happy Palm Sunday!