A Student From Senegal Shared His First-Day School Experience In Lebanon In A Hilarious Video


Senegalese model Mouhamed Niane shared a funny point of view of a person of color’s first school day experience in Lebanon.

The 22-years-old described, in a satirical way, how students in Lebanon act with people of color, which many considered spot-on.

He tells his experience by imitating the way Lebanese usually speak in a mixture of Lebanese and French, with the French predominating the conversation.

After it was posted on TikTok, Niane’s video exceeded a million views and was liked by over 240,000 people. Many commented about the accuracy of what is conveyed, which many described to be focusing on the “casual racism” found in Lebanon and other countries.

Even though people in Lebanon are usually open toward other cultures, racism in the country is still more or less normalized, and some face it hard.

Last month, a student from Côte d’Ivoire at the American University of Beirut (AUB) shared her experience at facing racism in a Lebanese sweets shop in Bliss, Beirut.

You can read her full story here: AUB Student Reportedly Faced Racism In A Sweets Shop In Beirut.

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