Air Serbia Cancels All Flights To Lebanon

The flag carrier of Serbia, Air Serbia, has canceled all flights to Lebanon that extend from early March until the middle of June. A ticket holder affected by the cancelations can contact the office where they had made their reservation for a refund.

Although the decision was made coincidentally with the announcement of a third coronavirus case in Lebanon, this was not the reason for these cancellations.

We can confirm after contacting Air Serbia’s main office in Lebanon that the reason is the “economic situation.” So far, the flights that have been canceled are those that extend from March 6th to June 12th.

Regarding refunds, Air Serbia explained that if the ticket was bought through its official website, the call center displayed at the bottom of that website can be called, as long as the ticket is unused.

Similarly, if the ticket was purchased through a source other than the official website, then that source should be contacted accordingly.

On a separate note, as new cases of the novel coronavirus emerge rapidly in numerous countries globally, many airlines are in some cases being forced to take urgent preventive measures to decrease the risk of passengers contracting the viral disease.

And while a few airlines around the world have resorted to allowing ticket holders to change or cancel their flights for free under specific conditions, others, such as Bulgaria Air, have totally canceled all trips to certain countries where the virus is present.

Gulf Air, for example, has recently canceled its flights to Lebanon after the Bahrainian government officially banned flights to and from the country, for coronavirus concerns.

At the time of writing, around 500 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the Middle East, according to the latest official reports.

In Lebanon, 3 cases in quarantine have been diagnosed with the virus so far, the latest of which, announced by the Health Ministry on Thursday, is an Iranian national.

For more information regarding Air Serbia flights, you can contact their office in Lebanon through the following phone number: 01 760 560. You can also visit to check your flight status.

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