A Man Just Set His Car On Fire In Lebanon For Not Being Able To Refuel It

A Man Just Set His Car On Fire In Lebanon For Not Being Able To Refuel It

The ongoing fuel crisis in Lebanon prompted a man to set his car on fire on Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place in the town of Qaa, in the Baalbek-Hermel Governorate, eastern Lebanon, according to the National News Agency.

The unidentified man set his car ablaze after not being able to refuel it due to the fuel shortage across the country.

People in Lebanon have had various reactions to the ongoing fuel crisis, ranging from posting angry videos on social media to more extreme reactions, such as the above and starting fights involving gunfire at gas stations.

As gas stations ration their fuel reserve, round-the-clock car queues have become a common sight across governorates.

A more extreme version of these queues was recently captured on video, showing a seemingly endless line of cars parked on the side of a road after sunset.

The owners of these cars had decided to spend the night in them to avoid losing their turn to refuel.

In another viral video, with no other way to go to work after not being able to fuel her car, a school teacher is seen hitching a motorcycle ride from a student of hers.

Despite the fact that fuel tankers began to unload in Lebanon last week, fuel rationing has not stopped.

The fuel and diesel crisis is also affecting the power supply in the country not only the commuting. Electricity generator owners just announced that they will begin rationing power by cutting the supply for around 4-5 hours a day.

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