Several Deaths In Family Clashes In Akkar, Lebanon


Family clashes in the town of Wadi Jamous in the Akkar governorate resulted in several deaths.

The National News Agency announced 4 reported deaths while locals are talking about 6 deaths, with 7 injured, including 2 in serious conditions.

According to posts on Twitter, the 6 deaths are from the same family.

The armed clash started 4 days ago over a family dispute, involving two big families of the village, Al-Tartoussi and Al-Sayed.

The fight escalated when one of the members of the family died after the clashes that erupted on Monday.

The armed confrontation that included the use of machines guns and rocket-propelled grenades also blasted fire in 5 houses and 3 cars on fire.


The Lebanese Army has arrested 7 persons for their participation in those events.

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