Several Injustices Spark Waves Of Fresh Protests In Beirut

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Protesters blocked roads, highways, and marched through the streets on Monday evening to protest various injustices currently taking place in Lebanon.

A group of women gathered to block the highway in front of the Beirut Port to call for urgency in the Beirut blast investigation. It has been over six months since the blast yet the investigation keeps getting stalled.

Protesters blocked the highway at Antelias after the Military Court charged 35 protesters with terrorism and looting in the wake of the violent Tripoli protests in which ISF fired live ammunition towards protesters.

Lebanese, including Human Rights Watch researcher Aya Majzoub, saw this as a grave injustice towards the people who were merely protesting the deteriorating situation in the country.

“In this regime, they see every Shiite dissenter as a [Israeli] collaborator and every Sunni dissenter as a terrorist,” said the lawyer Ayman Raad.

This led to the hashtag ‘ايدك عن طرابلس’ (Get your hand off Tripoli) to begin trending on Twitter.

A number of demonstrators held a sit-in at the house of Judge Fadi Akiki, who charged the Tripoli protesters with terrorism, calling him the terrorist instead.

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