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Shawarma Sushi is now a thing in Montreal!

Shawarma is taking Canada by storm! A few weeks ago, Toronto organized its first

shawarma festival

where the attendees tasted delicious shawarma and falafel wraps! Sushi is also a popular food item in Canada! So, a Lebanese restaurant in Montreal called Shawarmaz decided to combine the two all-time favorite foods of Canadians, and it created the famous Shawarma Sushi! Chicken and meat shawarma wraps are served in the style of sushi rolls! The menu has a Canadian touch. The restaurant also serves shawarma poutine! Guess what? The menu also includes falafel poutine! Lebanese cuisine proved once again that it fosters creativity! If you want to try out something new, you know where to go!

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Shawarma Sushi is now a thing in Montreal!

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