11 Shawarma Wrap Places You Must Try At Least Once In Mount Lebanon

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Shawarma, an iconic Middle Eastern dish, has a special place in Lebanese culture and cuisine. In almost every corner in the country, there’s a restaurant serving shawarma.

However, what we like the most is the traditionally served Shawarma, not as a platter but deliciously wrapped with its ingredients. No other way can beat that!

So here are some of the most popular and delicious shawarma wrap places in Mount Lebanon that you should try at least once.

#1 Jabbour

An iconic place for serving mouthwatering Lebanese wraps, Jabbour is famous for its chicken and beef shawarma. The restaurant can be found in Bourj Hammoud, at the Dora roundabout.

#2 Abul 3ezz

Located in Dekwaneh, Abul3ezz serves shawarma wraps as well as platters and it could be creative in its presentation to add to your pleasure.

#3 Bcheel Shawarma

The name literally suggests “I’d like a shawarma.” This witty-named place in Sad El Baouchriye has some juicy items to try, such as their “Bcheel BBQ” and “1KG of Shawarma” for the ones who’d like to satisfy their shawarma cravings… for weeks.

#4 Spiced And Sliced

Located in Ashrafieh and Hamra, this shawarma place that goes by the slogan “not your average shawarma,” has also a delivery outlet in Antelias, Kesserwan.

#5 Basterma Mano

This fast-food restaurant located in Bourj Hammoud serves all kinds of wraps and sandwiches.

In addition to the traditional Lebanese chicken and beef Shawarma, some creative wraps merging Armenian and Lebanese cuisines are on the menu, like the shawarma soujouk.

#6 Triple SSS

A bite of Triple SSS’ shawarma wrap would transport you to another dimension. In addition to the wraps, the Mtayleb based place has some cool and unique shawarma options, such as their rich platter of chicken and beef shawarma.

Triple SSS has long evolved from a fast-food restaurant to also offer event catering services.

#7 Murray

A pioneer in shawarma presentations and flavor, Murray is an iconic restaurant based in Antelias. They even serve burgers with a shawarma station presentation.

You can literally order a mini shawarma station as a platter and make your own delicious wrap!

#8 Mazzat

The Lebanese restaurant in Sin-El-Fil offers unique shawarma wraps such as its famous “Chili Shawarma Bites” served in tortilla bread and “Shawarma Fajita Bites” for the ones wanting to taste a mix of Lebanese and Mexican food.

#9 Tarbouch El Beik

Tarbouch El Beik in Baabdat specializes in Lebanese grills and wraps. Its chicken shawarma is quite simple and totally worth it.

#10 Shawarma 04

If you’re ever in Broumana and you’re craving heavenly Lebanese wraps, then you need to check out Shawarma 04’s fresh and tasty chicken and meat shawarma.

For lovers of burgers, Shawarma 04 won’t disappoint you with their rich shawarma burger!

#11 Chawarma Diclan

One of the oldest Shawarma places in the Bikfaya area, this cozy friendly place is keeping to the tradition, serving good shawarma wraps, as well as various Lebanese dishes like grape leaves, hummus, and kibbeh.

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11 Shawarma Wrap Places You Must Try At Least Once In Mount Lebanon

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