An Old Shell Exploded At The Port Of Sidon

An Old Shell Exploded At The Port Of Sidon

A loud explosion sound was reported in Sidon, southern Lebanon, on Thursday morning, originating in the vicinity of the new Port of Sidon.

According to the National News Agency (NNA), the explosion happened during the compression of a quantity of scrap that included an old unexploded shell.

The scrap was being prepared for transportation aboard a ship that had been brought from Bekaa to the aforementioned port, and the pressure involved during the compression process caused the shell to blow up.

Only material damage resulted from the incident, as per the NNA.

Following the explosion, security forces arrived at the scene and launched an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

Notably, another old shell was found on Wednesday in a scrap iron shipment that was being unloaded at the Port of Sidon.

After it was found, the Lebanese Army transported it from the area to another location.

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