Pro-Hezbollah Shia Cleric Apologizes For Praying For Lokman Slim

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A pro-Hezbollah Shia cleric has apologized for participating in the funeral of the Hezbollah critic, Lokman Slim.

Looking at prompts on a white piece of paper, the cleric stated that he shouldn’t have attended the service nor made himself seem suspicious.

He alleged that he had no idea whose funeral he had been asked to attend nor whose body he was praying pray over.

“I was surprised by the cameras that were present at the service,” he said, assuring that he was not in agreement with the views of the late Slim.

“My allegiance is known,” he said and urged people to stop talking about the incident. “God forgive those who are talking about me, I made a mistake.”

Slim was a strong opponent of the Iran-backed militant and political group and was mysteriously assassinated last week in South Lebanon.

He was found dead in his car with 4 gunshots to the head and one in the back.

The news of his death shocked Lebanese and foreigners alike. Political leaders across all spectrum and several embassies condemned his brutal killing.

As if an ode to his legacy, it seems apparent that even in death, he remains a threat to his adversaries so much that merely praying and reading scripture over his dead body can be a cause of controversy.

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