A Ship Coming From Turkey Collided With An Island In Tripoli, Lebanon

Tripoli Port Just Received The Largest Ship In Its History (Video)

The “med bridge” ship coming from Turkey collided with Al-Rankin Island in Tripoli, Lebanon.

The passengers were evacuated and it was found that the ship was stuck from the front for a distance of only 3 meters on a rocky surface.

The place of collision was examined by professional divers. Pilot tugs were sent to tow the ship at night, and marine experts were sent in the morning.

The 47 passengers were evacuated at night for more precaution and safety.

Experts believe that the collision occurred as a result of the ship’s captain departing from the prescribed maritime line, and there is a permanent and continuous follow-up by the Naval Forces Command of the Army, the General Directorate of Maritime and Maritime Transport, and the administration of the Tripoli Port Authority.

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