Ukrainian Ship Will No Longer Dock In Lebanon


The Razoni ship that was set to dock in Tripoli Port, Northern Lebanon, is now looking for another port to dock in as the Lebanese buyer will no longer accept the delayed goods.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon tweeted:

“According to the information of the shipper, the final buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the cargo due to delay of delivery terms (more than 5 months). So the shipper is now looking for another consignee. It can either be in Lebanon or other country.”

The Razoni ship was the first ship to depart from Ukraine under an UN-brokered deal. It sailed from Odesa on August 1st, carrying 26,527 tons of corn, and was supposed to arrive in Lebanon on August 7th but is currently anchoring at a port in Turkey.

The arrival of the ship was expected to be a flicker of hope to Lebanon, which is currently enduring a wheat crisis, food shortages, and soaring prices after being impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the economic crisis, and the damage to the port silos – by the Beirut Blast – that contained most of the country’s wheat reserve.

Lebanon recently approved to take a $150 million loan from the World Bank to secure food for its people amid the crisis.

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