A Group Of Men Opened Fired At A Beach Resort In Lebanon

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The beach of Damour is known to have some of the cleanest waters in Lebanon. But sometimes even a trip to the beach can turn dark.

On Sunday evening, a group of men opened fire in Al-Jisr Beach in Damour, Lebanon, reported NNA.

Apparently, these men were kicked out of the resort earlier that day for misbehaving and causing a disturbance.

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Later that evening, around sunset, they returned with firearms and began shooting towards the beach. As a result, one person died and two others were injured.

The one who died was within the same group. He was killed accidentally by the haphazard shooting.

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According to the owner of the beach resort, Ghassan Abdullah, the two who were injured were employees at the resort. They sustained minor injuries.

Security forces have since intervened and launched an investigation into the incident. As of yet, there has been no reports as to who were the aggressors.

Mass shootings are rare in Lebanon. However, crime, in general, has been on the rise. People are stealing money for food and apologizing for it.

This prompts the question: is poverty really the mother of crime, as it has been long said? Because that type of violent aggression has nothing to do with hunger and poverty.

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