20 Places In Lebanon Where You Can Shop Local Products For Christmas

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Lebanon has always relied heavily on imports. Yet, with the increasing prices of goods due to the devaluation of the Lebanese pound, many Lebanese families are struggling to purchase multiple items on their wish-list.

With that, came a beautiful silver lining. The crisis brought to our attention how many essential goods are actually made in Lebanon. From basics to luxury and everything in between, most of what we actually purchase is widely available from Lebanese producers and manufacturers.


Shopping locally will play a huge role in supporting the crippling economy.

When you buy local, you are benefitting a chain of people who are struggling to make ends meet. You are paying them for what you need or want, and, in turn, they are using their money in Lebanon for services and goods.

Basically, shopping in a local business means investing money to save your country.

With that being said, we gathered a list of 20 local stores in Lebanon that will cater to your individualized needs this Christmas season. Don’t hesitate, let us have a Christmas of Unity this year, for we are all in this together!

#1 Cupcakes And Glaze

Are you thinking of indulging in delicious cupcakes during your Christmas dinner? These desserts are the work of a wonderful woman named Malak. She lost her job in the Beirut port explosion and is trying to support her family despite the odds.

Malak also offers custom made cupcakes to meet your expectations! Make sure to order a dozen or two of her heavenly bites filled with love through her Instagram page @cupcakesandglaze.

#3 Zhouratea

For all the tea fanatics out there, we got you covered. Zhouratea produces 100% natural tea and herbal blends. They have ready-blends but you can still customize your own to satisfy your taste buds.

“I used to have a hard time looking for a blend that I would really love and enjoy, so I started making my own,” Shurouk Rabahi, founder of Zhouratea told The961. “It then grew a bit more when I started making blends for my friends and naming each one after them.”

“My friends got excited and started customizing blends on their own and encouraged me to expand my horizons and allow others to join in on the wonderful experience as well,” Rabahi shared with us.

Zhouratea has a range of different kinds of herbal blends, ensuring you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. You may contact them on Instagram @Zhouratea to place your order.

#2 Taha’s Bakery

Appetizing cake designs and homemade sweets by the one and only Taha!

Taha is a Lebanese man who is over 50 years old and has undergone professional training based on the culinary art of desserts. He bakes from his modest home in Saida and relies on Lebanese residents for support. You can reach him on 70618668.

# 4 House of Lather

If you’re looking for cleansing products to spice up your home this Christmas season, check out House of Lather! They offer homemade handcrafted soap, using plant-based oils, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free, palm-free, paraben-free, and no detergents.

“We are able to manufacture our products today by supporting and using local organic and natural products. Some ingredients we plant and harvest, and others we purchase from local markets,” Martine Mahfouz, the owner behind House of Lather told The961.

“We aim to create high-quality soap bars but at an affordable price in order to cater to the masses during these difficult times,” Mahfouz added.

An absolutely perfect product that is not just local, but one of the best things you can do for a greener planet!

#5 Designs By Hania

Hania, a graduate from the University of Balamand in Lebanon, offers stationery items, customized frames, coloring posters, and personalized notebooks.

If you’re looking for unique stationary items to gift your loved ones during Christmas, check out Designs By Hania! Check her lovely designs through @designsbyhania on Instagram!

#6 Delic

Homemade traditional Lebanese delicacies are a must have in your Christmas pantry this season! Delicious and without any artificial preservatives, Delic40 offers homemade products that taste just like home.

Check @delic40 on Instagram to choose from their wide selection that’s harvested from Lebanese soil straight to the kitchen!

#7 Concept Box

Lebanese designers are all working together for the Concept Box! The apparel and accessories store hosts products manufactured by the most talented Lebanese designers.

These beautiful handpicked items are available for purchase online through @_conceptbox on Instagram or at ABC Dbayeh Level 1 floor.

#8 Alea Design and Contracting

Are you searching for a Christmas tree that has a unique element to it and is proudly made in Lebanon? Search no more, as Alea Design and Contracting provides furniture design and manufacturing that will add a whole lot to this year’s Christmas decorations.

You can reach them through their Instagram page @alea_design.contracting or on 70926435

#9 Heatechs

There’s no need for you to worry about the upcoming cold winter season when you’re trying to enjoy Christmas, as the award winning Lebanese company Heatechs, offers environmentally friendly solutions to problems related to cooling and heating using the latest material technology.

The heating pad from Heatech allows you to enjoy up to 6 hours of warmth every night.

Heatechs came to life when four Lebanese colleagues from Rafik Hariri University were given a chance to participate in the Hult Prize competition for social entrepreneurship. They were able to transform a crazy new idea into a reality, winning the 2018 Hult Prize competition.

Not just that, Heatechs is on the road to collaborating with the Louay Farhat Charity, an NGO that provides basic life necessities to families who can’t afford their minimum needs.

The collaboration will focus on raising money that will be donated to spreading warmth to those in need, with a focus on the elderly citizens in cold areas like the Bekaa valley.

#10 Nutshell Peanut Butter

The makers behind the natural, delicious, and uniquely roasted nut kinds of butter are Lebanese citizens who manufacture this product line locally!

Free of refined sugar, palm oil, and preservatives, the Nutshell Butters are the perfect ingredient to use for multiple different recipes for your Christmas dinner!

“The Nutshell journey started in local farmer markets. The love for our peanut butter grew and so did we, expanding our product line to different nut butters, launching our Instagram account, Facebook page, and more recently our website,” Lama Mosleh, founder of Nutshell Peanut butter said.

Today Nutshell is available in farmer markets, health stores, supermarkets, and diet centers, all over Lebanon.

#11 Just Caricature

Have your favorite pictures printed on t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more, through Just Caricature! This Lebanese startup works on the smallest details to ensure your customized item will meet your expectations.

If you’re looking for the perfect customized gift for this Christmas season, contact Just Caricature through WhatsApp on +961 70 66 4 222.

# 12 Booza Society

If you’re looking to indulge in unique homemade Lebanese ice-cream on Christmas eve, Booza Society is the right district for you!

Described as the “best gelato in town”, JC Schneider, the man behind the unique ice-cream flavors produces all the desserts himself! This Lebanese man cultivated his passion for crafting delicious desserts and incorporated Lebanese classics with Gelato recipes.

Booza Society offers ice-cream that is made out of fresh ingredients with low sugar. You can have the chance to try new flavors such as Thyme Ice Cream, Sahlab ice-cream ream, Moghli ice-cream, Almond ice-cream, and other special flavors that you truly won’t find anywhere else in Lebanon.

The dessert parlor is located in Koreitem, and also offers delivery service. You can contact the store on +961 81 359 842.

#13 Mommy Knits

Cristine Kalouch, 50-year-old Lebanese mother learned knitting and crocheting from her mother. As her passion grew stronger over the years, she decided to start selling what she makes for a small profit since she has good skills, and is practically able to do anything with a hook and a thread.

She offers a variety of products that are all hand-knitted, such as hats, gloves, tops, scarves, and even table covers and bottle covers. Custom-made products are also available to cater for your Christmas gift ideas!

For orders and inquires, you can contact her though @MommyKnits on Instagram.

#14 Te Jewelry

“Everyone will stare, make it worth their while” is the motto behind this Local handmade jewelry store located in Lebanon!

Available in ABC Dbayeh, as well as delivering all over Lebanon, this local jewelry store has perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.

#15 Yan Delyanne

Welcome to the art of color combination and mandala creations on any medium you desire! Yan Delyanne will customize whatever item you have and transform it into a colorful work of art.

A colorful world awaits you this Christmas season as Yan Delyanne is a great place for custom-made Christmas décor and gift ideas.

You can contact them through @yandelyanne on Instagram.

#16 Boho Cacti

The primary destination for cactus and succulent lovers! Cactuses have become the latest trend to compliment any home décor! Get yours in a concrete pot, or customize it to become one of a kind!

Boho Cacti also offers a Christmas collection ready to be delivered right to your doorstep. DM them on Instagram @boho_cacti.

#17 Esmant

Inspired by industrial beauty and nature, all of Esmant’s products are totally handcrafted in their workshop that’s based in Lebanon.

The local brand uses upcycled molds and recycled material into a concrete mix. It customizes all types of concrete products with writing and painting, and delivers across Lebanon!

For every item you purchase, they recycle its equivalent in plastic! You can order from this environmentally friendly local brand through @Esmant.lb on Instagram.

#18 Neo City Garden

Helping your community prosper might be the best thing to give back this Christmas season. Neo City Garden is donating 10% of their profit just for that cause, as the portion of the proceeds will go towards the Renovate Lebanon initiative! 

Give a gift that gives back, and order an item that’s handcrafted with love by Lebanese artisans. You can contact them through @neocitygarden on Instagram.

#19 Choc En Bouche

When deliciousness and refined taste meet, you get Choc En Bouche. 

Lebanese bakers are behind the sweets treats that are so well made that you’ll end up wanting more with each bite!

Check this year’s gingerbread cookies decorating kit for some holiday fun with your kids! Orders can be made through WhatsApp on +961 78 813 444.

#20 The Stray Compass

Quality handcrafted goods ranging from camping backpacks to wool beanies, this Lebanese online store is changing people’s negative perception of the quality of local goods!

“I wanted a vintage-looking backpack for myself, I looked around and I couldn’t find anything locally,” the owner behind The Stray Compass told The961. “So, I decided to make my own.”

“I enjoyed the process of designing, sewing, and making everything from A to Z. I got some positive feedback on my first backpack which encouraged me to start this online local store,” the owner added.

The Stray Compass is a perfect destination if you’re an adventure enthusiast looking to celebrate Christmas outdoors! You can place your order through @thestraycompass on Instagram.

Whatever you decide to buy for Christmas this year and whatever your budget, keep in mind that, this time, in particular, it’s all about uniting for Lebanon.

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