Shots Fired At US Embassy In Lebanon

Shots were fired at the US embassy in Lebanon late Wednesday night.

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Lebanon, Jake Nelson, said that shots were fired at the embassy, but no injuries were reported.

He added: “At 10:37 pm local time, small arms fire was reported near the entrance to the US Embassy.”

He explained, “There were no injuries, and our facility is safe. We are in close contact with the law enforcement authorities of the host country.”

Exactly 39 years ago on September 20, 1984, a suicide bomber drove a van filled with 3,000 pounds of explosives towards the embassy’s entrance.

Although security forces managed to shoot the driver before he reached, the truck lost control and exploded after colliding with a parked vehicle. 23, mostly Lebanese, were killed and another 60 injured.

Hezbollah later took responsibility for the attack, using the alias “Islamic Jihad Organization.”

The US embassy relocated to Awkar, where it’s currently located ever since, a year after the embassy was bombed, killing 63 people – mostly Lebanese.

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