30+ New Shows & Movies You Can Watch On Lebanese Netflix This Month

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As the weather begins to warm up, Netflix is gearing up to bring some fresh and exciting content to its platform this April.

From captivating TV shows to heart-warming movies, there is something for everyone in the upcoming releases that can’t be missed.

Look at the most anticipated shows and movies set to release on Netflix in Lebanon this April. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into some new and exciting content!

War Sailor

War Sailor is a limited series that is definitely a must watch

It follows the journey of Alfred Garnes, a working-class sailor working on a merchant ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with his childhood friend Sigbjørn Kvalen, as they struggle to fight for their lives on the front lines of the break out of World War II.

Their struggle becomes worse as they are notified that British aircraft hit the primary school at Laksevåg and civilian homes at Nøstet, where their family resides, which leaves them wondering if they have anything left at home to return to.

Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique

Get ready because Mo’nique is back on April 4th.

With her new stand-up comedy special, Mo’Nique shares her personal journey, from growing up on the tough streets of Baltimore and heeding her Grandma Mimi’s advice about men, to embracing and coming to terms with the sometimes harsh realities of life.

With her trademark honesty, courage, and wit, she lays everything on the line and holds nothing back, and promises to leave you hysterically laughing.


Beef is a series premiering on Netflix on April 6 that portrays the consequences of a road rage incident involving two strangers.

The story revolves around Danny Cho, a struggling contractor who carries a grudge, and Amy Lau, a successful self-made businesswoman with an idyllic existence. As their rivalry intensifies, the repercussions affect their personal lives and connections, resulting in a blend of dark humor and poignant drama.

Thicker Than Water

An exciting and intriguing new French crime thriller series is premiering on Netflix this April 7th.

Thicker than Water, follows Fara a journalist, as she is compelled to team up with her sisters in a mission to save their troublesome brother. However, as they delve into his drug-related affairs, the sisters find themselves caught in an unforeseen web of complications, all the while attempting to maintain a false front.

Because after all, what is thicker than water? Blood.


The series Transatlantic is based on the actual events of the Emergency Rescue Committee and the efforts of Varian Fry and Mary Jayne Gold.

This group of young heroes and the people they saved risked their lives to help over 2,000 refugees flee from occupied France, including numerous artists who were on the Nazis’ “most wanted” list.

The story is set in a villa on the outskirts of the city, where danger looms and unlikely relationships form between the rescuers and the rescued, resulting in intense love affairs and unexpected partnerships.


Don’t miss out on Alex’s adventure as he unexpectedly befriends a young chupacabra, which he finds hiding in his grandfather’s shed.

To protect the mythical creature, Alex and his cousins set out on an exhilarating journey, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.

This journey truly pushes the bonds of his newfound family to the brink and reminds him that life’s burdens are lighter when you don’t have to carry them alone.

Oh Belinda

Oh Belinda is a Turkish comedy and drama movie coming to Netflix this April.

Neslihan Atagül, a young performer, decides to feature in a commercial for a newly launched hair product named “Belinda.”

However, things take a turn when during one of the rehearsals, she experiences a peculiar phenomenon where the events of the script start becoming real and she is unexpectedly transported to the world of her character.

Can she reverse this spell? is she stuck there forever?

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

On April 15, 2013, a domestic terrorist attack took place during the annual Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring hundreds of others, including 17 who lost limbs.

Debuting on April 13, this gripping three-part documentary delves into the anxiety-ridden aftermath of the assaults. It meticulously weaves a tale of the ensuing manhunt, utilizing an abundance of resources such as CCTV footage, police radio transmissions, and mobile phone recordings.

Additionally, it features insights from law enforcement personnel, FBI operatives, and valiant citizens who played an instrumental role in ultimately apprehending the culprits.

Florida Man

Edgar Ramírez portrays a former police officer facing difficulties in Florida, who is compelled to return to his home state when tasked with locating a mobster’s missing girlfriend from Philadelphia.

However, what was supposed to be a simple job quickly evolves into a chaotic expedition, delving into deeply concealed family secrets, and a growingly hopeless endeavor to uphold morality in a society that is riddled with corruption.

Catch this dramatic comedy series on April 13.

Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer

In the upcoming TV mini-series scheduled for April 13, Alex Schwazer is a former gold medalist who faced a doping ban that seeks assistance from one of his accusers to stage a comeback in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

This 4-episode documentary series offers a never-before-seen glimpse into the background of one of the most intricate political-judicial cases in Italian sports history. The series features the protagonists of the case attempting to share their individual truths.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die, is an upcoming British historical drama film that is a sequel to The Last Kingdom television series.

When King Edward dies, his potential heirs battle for the crown, and Uhtred rides to help his former ward Aethelstan.However, Aethelstan’s actions threaten Uhtred’s life, and he must choose between his loyalty to the king and his homeland. Meanwhile, the Danish Warrior-King Anlaf arrives, hoping to take advantage of the discord.

As Aethelstan makes enemies, Anlaf brings them together in an alliance that threatens the vision of uniting England, and Uhtred faces a choice between his loved ones and the dream of a united kingdom.

Find out what happens in this sequel on April 14.


Hwang Do-Hee works as a general manager for a strategic planning team at Eunsung Group. One day, she joins the human rights lawyer Oh Kyung-Sook’s campaign to become the mayor of Seoul, who often went up against the Eunsung Group. She decided to run for mayor with the goal of fighting for the weak.

During the election, Oh Kyung-Sook and Hwang Do-Hee often butt head with differing opinions, but they strive for the same end goal. That is to make Oh Kyung-Sook the mayor of Seoul.

Will they succeed? Will they catch the people’s attention? or will their problems interfere with their work? Find out more upon Queenmaker’s release on April 14.


Weathering is a chilling thriller releasing on April 14, as it follows a journalist after losing her baby and nearly her life during labor.

This movie unravels amid disturbing visions and chilling attacks as she grieves alone at home.

Longest Third Date

After matching on Hinge, Matt and Khani feel an instant connection, and they decide to embark on a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica for their third date.

However, their stay becomes unexpectedly prolonged as the world shuts down due to the pandemic in March 2020. Their extended stay in the tropical paradise becomes a true test of their compatibility.

Will this lockdown bring them closer or further apart? Find out on April 18 on its release.

How to Get Rich

Money holds power over us — but it doesn’t have to.

Based on the 2009 book ‘I Will Teach You to Be Rich’ by Ramit Sethi, the series will see Sethi traveling the country and helping people manage their money.

Netflix is set to release eight episodes of the show on April 18th.

The Marked Heart

Season 2 of The Marked Heart is set to release on April 9th on Netflix.

Sometimes becoming a murderer for loving someone is the only possible option. This is what captivates Zacarías Cienfuegos’s mind as he seeks revenge on Simon the man his ex-wife Camila faked her death for.

Chimp Empire

For the last 25 years, scientists and field trackers have lived alongside this tribe, watching as they built a sophisticated political and familial structure: forming alliances, building trust, caring for one another, and often going head to head in a never-ending fight for power.

Taking place in the Ugandan forest, the four-part docuseries, releasing on April 19, showcases the largest chimpanzee group ever recorded, delving into the tense disputes among them as the cameras capture their interactions. The series also sheds light on the daily lives of each group.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

In this 30th anniversary special, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are summoned to confront a familiar threat from their past, three decades after their inception by the wise and powerful Zordon.

As the world faces a global crisis, the Rangers are called upon once again to use their heroic abilities to save the day.

The special, releasing on April 19th, takes inspiration from the franchise’s iconic motto, “Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger,” which signifies that being a part of the Ranger family means always being welcomed back.

The Diplomat

The series is a political thriller in the US London Embassy premiering on Netflix on April 20th.

Kate Wyler is the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom who are great in a crisis zone. She, while adjusting to her new position, will have to diffuse international crises, forge strategic alliances in London, and handle her loopy marriage.

Does she have what it takes to fulfill her position in this job?

One More Time

After being struck by a truck on her 40th birthday, Amelia wakes up on her 18th birthday in the year 2002.

With the opportunity to relive her best day and create the perfect life she had always envisioned, Amelia soon discovers she is stuck in a time loop and forced to repeat the same day repeatedly.

In order to break free from the past and return to the present, she must identify what needs to be fixed.

This comedic drama is set to release on April 21st.

Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds is an eight-part crime drama, airing on April 21st, that follows the Wolfsons, a prominent ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Antwerp’s diamond industry.

When the youngest son commits suicide, his estranged brother Noah, who abandoned his religion and now lives among London’s criminal underworld, returns to Antwerp to discover that the family business is in jeopardy and under the control of the local mob.

In an effort to save the Wolfsons’ legacy and honor, Noah works to save the family business, but must first confront internal conflicts with his siblings.


The upcoming mystery and thriller drama ‘Chokehold’ (also known as ‘Boga Boga’) is premiering on April 21st, which follows a couple from Istanbul who seek refuge and attempt to settle in an Aegean village.

However, they discover that they are not welcome in the community and are surrounded by enemies.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love

Following an unforeseen breakup, A Tourist Guide To Loveis, releasing on April 21st, is about a travel executive who agrees to go undercover and gain knowledge about the tourist industry in Vietnam.

During her journey, she embarks on an adventure and develops a romantic connection with her Vietnamese ex-pat tour guide. Together, they deviate from the usual path and explore life and love in unconventional ways.

Indian Matchmaking

Sima, the premiere matchmaker from Mumbai, returns for another season on April 21st, and is busier than ever!

Her mission is to help single millennials worldwide find their perfect match, managing more expectations from clients old and new in cities like London, New Delhi, Miami, and New York.

Utilizing her decades of experience, insightful intuition, and traditional methods, Sima hopes to help lucky singles find their destinies.

John Mulaney: Baby J

Emmy-Award-winning comedian, writer, and actor John Mulaney is back with a brand new Netflix special, John Mulaney: Baby J, premiering globally on April 25th.

Love After Music

This series, releasing on April 26th, delves deeply into the personal and professional life of Fito Paez, a highly acclaimed artist from Argentina, and explores his musical journey with prominent rock figures like Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Juan Carlos Baglietto, and many others.

Consisting of eight episodes, this series will narrate the life of the artist spanning three decades, portraying several pivotal moments such as grief, tragedy, triumphs, setbacks, indulgences, love affairs, and a plethora of musical creations.

Sweet Tooth

Season two of the highly anticipated fantasy series is premiering on April 27th.

In the show “Sweet Tooth,” a group of hybrid children, including Gus, are held captive by General Abbot, who is using them as test subjects for a cure to the Sick virus.

Gus agrees to help Dr. Singh, who is trying to save his infected wife and discovers dark truths about his origins and his mother’s role in the past events. Meanwhile, outside the captive facility, Tommy Jepperd and Aimee Eden team up to rescue the hybrids.

Will they rescue them and cure the virus?

The Matchmaker

In the psychological thriller “The Matchmaker,” premiering on April 27th, Tarek, an IT worker, develops a strong attraction towards the gorgeous intern at his workplace.

He follows her to a desert resort that is plagued by strange occurrences and where a matchmaker guarantees men a perfect partner. However, as Tarek ventures beyond the resort’s limits, he discovers an age-old revenge.


Aka is a gripping action-adventure movie being released on April 28th.

In the upcoming French production, an undercover special ops agent (Alban Lenoir) infiltrates a criminal syndicate and forms an unlikely bond with the boss’ young son.

As the child’s father leads a life of organized crime, it becomes evident that it’s not an ideal environment for raising children. When the situation appears to be critical, one of the people hired by the father may have to rescue them.

Amidst a series of car chases, gunshots, and deceit, the agent will go to great lengths to safeguard the child, even if it means it puts his own life in danger.

King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch

Releasing on April 28th, King of Collectible: The Golden Touch follows the industry’s biggest auction house, Goldin, and the red-hot market of rare sports cards and collectibles.  

This six-episode series, each half-hour in length, provides an introductory glimpse into the world of rare collectibles, which has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry.

With celebrities and athletes such as  Drake, Peyton Manning, Mike Tyson, and many more looking to buy and sell rare items, Goldin has become a go-to platform for these transactions.

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