Siemens Is Giving Lebanon 2 Turbines To Provide 150,000 Lebanese With Free Electricity For A Year

The failure of the state to provide decent basic electricity to the people is not a secret to the world.

In the aftermath of the blast, Lebanon’s crises have become even more relevant, more painful, with so many victims and the people abandoned to manage on their own.

The German global powerhouse Siemens is among those foreign entities that are showing real concerns for the Lebanese people in their hardships.

A provider of energy, the mega-company is stepping in to ensure that medical facilities in Lebanon get their so-needed 24/7 electricity to be able to care for the thousands of injured.

Adding to Germany’s aid to Lebanon, Siemens is offering to provide two mobile SGT-A45 gas turbines that can help secure emergency electric power for the city, as it announced in its press release.

The company acknowledges that access to electrical power is crucial after a disaster and is already discussing the logistics of the operation.

We’re in a position to provide fast and uncomplicated assistance to the people of Beirut, and so we feel a responsibility in this situation to help wherever we can. We’re ready to secure a reliable, affordable supply of electricity for the people of Lebanon and help them
rebuild their country.

Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch.

These turbines will be provided free of charge for 1 year, covering 10% of Beirut’s population (150,000 people) with electricity.

In addition to that, Siemens Healthineers is donating ultrasound systems (Acuson NX2 and Juniper model) and a mobile X-ray device (Mobilett Mira) to local Beirut hospitals.

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