6 Signs You’re A Lebanese Gamer

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Video games have always been a popular past-time, and it’s no different for Lebanese. Unlike others though, Lebanese gamers need a special power-up just to be able to deal with playing in Lebanon.

Are they a blessing or a curse? We’ll leave it for you to decide!

Constant Lag

All Lebanese gamers know they could have reached the top ranks of the gaming ladder if it wasn’t for the lag.

At least it’s a good excuse you can use when you keep losing!

Slow Internet

You’re excited to try a new game, but by the time it finishes downloading it’ll be 2055 and the servers would have shut down.

At least the wait is over!

High Ping


You’re probably used to playing at an 80+ ping, sometimes even outplaying your opponent with a ping hovering over the 100s.

But, it’s all fun and games until your ping is broadcasted to your team and you turn into a joke of the guy who lives on Mars.

Power Outage


There you are, finally about to win your best game yet. When all of a sudden, the power goes out and you’re sitting in the dark weighing your life decisions.

Maybe it’s a good time to invest in a backup power supply!

Language Master


Being a Lebanese gamer means you don’t get to play on a dedicated server since it doesn’t exist.

You mostly play with Europeans, where with time and experience you managed to pick up on their languages.

Mostly on curse words, but hey, at least now you know when you’re being flamed!

Anger Issues


Can you really call yourself a Lebanese gamer if you haven’t raged-quit at least once? Or broken a few controllers and keyboards?

With time, you’ll learn how to keep a cool head, or not!

العربية Français

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