Simulation Of Welding Activity Prior To Beirut Port Blast Was Created To See If There’s A Link

There Was A Simulation Of The August 4 Welding At Beirut Port
Pixabay/Fernando FLeitas | LBCI

A field simulation of the welding that took place at the Port of Beirut’s Warehouse 12 before the August 4th explosion was conducted on Wednesday.

Judge Tarek Bitar, who is leading the probe into the Beirut Blast, oversaw the simulation, which was carried out in the presence of lawyers representing the concerned parties, the National News Agency reported.

The final welding stage that preceded the Beirut Port Explosion was reenacted in detail, in order for Judge Bitar to conclude whether welding had a direct effect that led to the fire on August 4th, which ultimately caused the deadly blast.

For that, a replica of Warehouse 12 was built meters away from the crater caused by the explosion, along with a gate that is identical to the one said to have been welded before the incident.

Photos and videos were taken of the simulation away from the media, pending their attachment to the blast case.

The event took place following field preparations conducted by the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces Information Branch, alongside members of the Lebanese Civil Defense and a judge.

The simulation was set up in coordination with the Lebanese Meteorological Service, since weather conditions needed to be completely identical to how they were on August 4, 2020.

*Photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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