10+ Reasons Why Sirjbal, Lebanon Should Be On Your Bucket List This Summer

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Renowned for its natural and historical sites, the Chouf District is home to many traditional villages. One of them is Sirjbal, a hidden gem located in the heart of Chouf.

The village is not very far from Beirut; only 33 km away to reach this unique paradise.

Whether you are visiting from abroad or you are a local who wishes to explore more the country, then Sirjbal should be added to your bucket list.

#1 Sirjbal has a waterfall

Whether you need a break from work or from life, Sirjbal has one of the most breathtaking waterfalls for you to spend the day with your friends. Not only is it relaxing to listen to the sound of water but it is also a great option for a quick swim in its calm and transparent lake.

#2 Stunning greenery that will whisks you into another world

Sirjbal’s serene nature, tall green trees, colorful flowers, and lovely climate are a must-see for all the nature lovers out there. And why not enjoy fruit picking while you’re there!

#3 Its natural sceneries will hook you

If you ever dreamed of having a fashionable or “postcard-like” picture next to a breathtaking lake, then Sirjbal is a great spot for just that.

#4 It’s a getaway destination for weekenders and more

Sirjbal is a getaway destination for weekenders and honeymooners with vacation rentals available also for families. Among these is the Nomads Nature & Nurture Villa Sirjbal that offers a perfect stay in the arms of mother nature.   

#5 Have breakfast like a local

Get to spend the weekend in Sirjbal to wake up at the sound of nature singing and the aroma of manoush zaatar baking on a saj!

#6 It’s a great area for hiking

A beautiful natural environment, Sirjbal is a great are to spend a day hiking with friends and family.

#7 It offers various camping spots

What is better than spending the night stargazing in one of Lebanon’s hidden gems? RockRabbit, for instance, is a great campground in Sirjbal for the adventurous who’d like to wake up to the sound of birds and enjoy connecting with mother nature.

#8 Visit the old abandonned houses, relics of the past

Past sectarian-based wars prompted many families to leave their homes and flee the country. Forsaken houses have decayed over time, making them awe-stricken relics.

#9 Enjoy local food while you’re there

Local restaurants serve traditional cuisine, from man’oush to shawarma. Just don’t forget to ask for a Keshek manoushe!

#10 Mountain views that will take your breath away

As the village is located in the heart of Chouf, then it is impossible not to see the incredible mountains views on the district, especially during the sunset.

#11 Visit Jisr El-Laouzieh of Fairouz’s song

If you’re familiar with Fairuz’s song “Ala Jisr El-Laouzieh”, then you must know that this famous old bridge is located in Sirjbal and it is a great place to take Instagram-worthy pictures.

#12 Get to fish at the lake

If you’re planning to camp or have a most pleasant picnic in Sirjbal, consider fishing in the lake for your BBQ meal!

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