This Lebanese Startup’s Crowdfunding Campaign Got Funded In Just 2 days

A UK-based startup, made up of 3 Lebanese founders, are raising money on Indiegogo to fund their startup idea –


. In just 2 days after launching the campaign, the Lebanese startup managed to

get overfunded


Smarke is a home access solution

that offers a keyless entry solution for gates, buildings and flats. Smarke was founded by Hady Abdelnour, Charly Bousaid and Bassam Beidas following the realization that tradition keys are impractical and quite the hassle.

As they described it

: “Let’s face it, all of us lose things…. but is there anything more frustrating than losing a set of keys? The process of changing all of your locks, the headache of having to issue a new key to your building entrance… we know those feelings all too well and they inspired us to create a smart home access solution that covers any scenario that you might face.” T

he system includes an intercom and keypad component

– making it more secure and flexible than their competitors.

The team were hoping to raise $75,000 (USD) in 30 days

. However, in just 2 days, they managed to exceed their goal. They are now aiming for the $125,000 goal to produce 2 additional products.

For the backers

, they can expect to have their orders shipped as soon as this September. Smarke offers these

4 main products


The first one is the Intercom

This can be placed into the existing intercom box inside the apartment and you will be able to access the entrance to your building without using a key.

The second one is the 


This is extremely useful as it allows you to enter the building without your phone (let’s say you lose it or the battery dies).

The third one is the main Smart Lock.

It allows you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

And the fourth one is the Nightlatch

. This adds an extra layer of security. It is a unique bolt-on solution that is specially designed to fit on all doors, anywhere around the world. The Smarke Smart Lock comes in

3 colors

: The mobile app allows you to grant permanent or scheduled access to your place for your family, guests or help. Best part? You can install this system in just 5 minutes. The Smart Lock is designed to fit in the place of a Euro profile cylinder like this:

The money raised

will be spent on the following:

  • Completing the design for manufacture phase
  • Kicking off the first manufacturing run
  • Ship all products to consumers

By supporting their fundraiser, you are able to get the Smarke products for

at least half its price


For more information, to support them or to order Smarke, click here.

NB: The initial smarke products are best suitable for the European and Middle East residents.

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