Lebanese Startup Introduces Smart Bus Stops In Lebanon!

A Lebanese startup found a solution to improve a particular aspect of the public transportation system in Lebanon. Smart Bus Stops is an initiative by a Lebanese architect Charbel El Hajj. These bus stops look no different than the traditional ones. However, they include solar panels which allow people to charge their phones. https://www.facebook.com/brainsforless/videos/1961858304046195/ Along with two engineers named Rodrigue Haibi and Ralph El Hajj, Charbel launched a design company. The Smart Bus Stop initiative is going to be their first project.

What are the benefits of smart bus stops?

  • Provide comfortable seats for passengers
  • Enable people to charge their devices through eco-friendly means
  • Gather the passengers in one location so that the bus drivers can locate them quickly
  • Reduce the traffic by 30%

The team constructed the first bus stop thanks to the funds that it has gathered through Zoomal. https://www.facebook.com/h2edc/photos/a.1050861231691666.1073741828.897618123682645/1238311479613306/?type=3&theater The Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Lebanon has supported the project by providing a license. The first four smart bus stops have been installed in Beit Mery, Metn. The founders are looking forward to adding more bus stops in Bikfaya, Bhersaf, and Ain Saade. However, the government should also cooperate by regulating the public transportation system. We can’t wait to see smart bus stops across Lebanon!


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