Here’s How Lebanese Social Media Reacted To The Triggering Fireworks Last Night

@larissaaounsky | We Are Lebanon

It has been almost 9 months since the August 4 Beirut Port explosion. While they say time heals, no amount of time can mend the deep scars left on Beirut after that heart-shattering day.

When large fireworks rang through the evening in Beirut on Saturday, people across the city could not believe what they were hearing. Sounds reminiscent of the blasts heard on that traumatic day.

Residents took to Twitter to find out what it was.

After learning it was fireworks… frustration and anger rightfully kicked, fueled by panic and fear. Here’s how people reacted.

The government failed to prevent the catastrophic explosion of August 4th but it can at least spare the people in Beirut the reiteration of the traumatic fear by banning celebratory fireworks until the nation gets to heal. After all, fireworks are not a necessity the people must endure.

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