3 Lebanese Army Soldiers Were Just Killed In A Raid

On Sunday, February 9th, the Lebanese Army chased down two suspects driving a stolen car in the area of Rass al-Assi in Hermel.

While the soldiers succeeded in their mission, the incident resulted in injuries and deaths among them.

According to the army, one of the passengers in the stolen vehicle fired at the Lebanese army, killing two soldiers on the scene and injuring four. 

The army took down one of the assailants who ambushed and fired at them, and who was later identified as Kh.A.D. They surrounded the area and succeeded to stop the stolen car and arrest the driver.

The four injured soldiers were rushed to the Dar el-Amal Hospital in Baalbeck where they were treated for their injuries. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t make it and died in the hospital. 

Many politicians expressed their support for the army saying that the Lebanese soldiers are a “red line” that cannot be crossed.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a statement to LBC, “The assault that was faced by the army hurts the stability that the army plays a principal role in protecting.”

“The Lebanese army is the foundation of the nation’s safety, and any attack against them is an attack against the Lebanese of all sects and areas,” he asserted.

The Interior Minister Mohammad Fahmi also chimed in, posting on Twitter, “All condolences to the Lebanese army and the families of the heroic martyrs… .” He added that the Lebanese army is the foundation of Lebanon’s stabilities.

He stated that the most important thing is to bring those responsible for the attack to justice as fast as possible. He also wished the injured that they get well soon.

This is one of the many raids that take place in the Hermel-Baalbeck area, which, according to the Lebanese army’s website, is home to many gangs, one of them being a notorious car theft gang.

On February 5th, the army had arrested a few suspects, including a man who goes by the name of About Jazma, known as a dangerous and wanted outlaw.

They confiscated items in their possession, which included narcotics pills, a stolen blue Hyundai van, and a motorcycle without papers.

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