Lebanese Soldiers Win Gold & Bronze Medals In ERC Triathlon

Soldiers Win Three Medals In Lebanon's ERC Triathlon

Lebanese soldiers won three medals during the 8th edition of the annual Lebanese Army Commander Triathlon Cup – Elite Running Club (ERC) Triathlon.

In a tweet, the Army said that the soldiers who participated in the triathlon, held on Sunday, brought home two gold medals and one bronze medal.

180 participants from various clubs and age groups (10-60 years) competed in the event, at the end of which medals and cups were awarded to the winners.

The triathlon started at 7 PM with a swimming race before moving on to the cycling and then the running races over the next 3 hours.

The ERC Triathlon was organized by the Elite Running Club under the supervision of the Lebanese Triathlon Federation, at the Central Military Club in Ras Beirut.

The Federation members’ president distributed the awards to the winners alongside Army Colonel Charbel Boulos, who was representing Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun.