Some of Picasso Artworks Are Coming to Lebanon

In a crowded city crying for cultural revival, art is what makes Beirut stand steady. The love of art in Lebanese people’s hearts never dies despite all the miseries and tragedies they have gone through. Actually, art was one of the main tools that helped them rise and motivated them to keep creating hence persevering, for life is in the creation and creativity exhales life. Museums in Lebanon have been home for these artistic expressions for years and Sursock Museum is a perfect example.


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Sursock Museum, officially known as Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum, was built in 1860 by Moussa Sursock. This modern and contemporary museum in the center of Beirut first opened in 1961 with a mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit local and international arts.

With over ten exhibitions a year, the museum plays an essential role in the art dimension in Lebanon. And the newest addition is the Picasso and the Family!


In April of this year, Lebanese Ambassador to France Rami Adwan held a reception in Paris to announce the exhibition of the renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, which will be hosted by the Sursock Museum in Beirut in Autumn 2019.

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The reception in Paris featured a presentation of two paintings by the legendary Spanish artist, belonging to two different stages of his artistic career. One of them dates back to 1921 and the stage of Cubisme. As for the other, Picasso painted it in 1943 and it reflects the combined influences of the School of African Arts and the onset of the Surrealist Movement in Fine Arts.

Picasso Museum in France is launching the “Picasso Around the Mediterranean” Project, which will be moving from one Mediterranean capital to another, ending in Beirut with an exhibition titled: “Picasso and the Family.”


Bringing together drawings, etchings, paintings, and sculptures, the exhibition spans seventy-seven years of creation, from 1895 to 1972. That selection of Picasso’s artworks marks notable moments in his long emotional and family life, with a variety of forms illustrating the constant reinvention of his artistic vocabulary. 

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Picasso-Méditerranée is an international cultural event that is held from Spring 2017 to Autumn 2019. Over sixty cultural institutions have come together to conjure up a program around the work obstinément méditerranéenne of Pablo Picasso.


Initiated by the Musée National Picasso-Paris, this journey into the creations of the artist and across the places that had inspired him aims at strengthening the ties between all the shores.

Via Wide Walls

All the details of the exhibition will be available at the conference that’s held on September 4.


Such an exhibition adds a beautiful significant mark on the art side of Lebanon and shows that Lebanon is truly home for refined artistic taste in its different kinds. Cheers for many more astonishing exhibitions!

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