Someone Just Voted For Hassan Nasrallah In The US Election

NewIndianExpress | Middle East Online

As Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads by a razor-thin advantage against Republican nominee Donald Trump, the votes are still being counted and the final result may not be clear for a while. 

One thing apparently clear is one vote that came for Hassan Nasrallah.

Nasrallah, third and current Secretary-General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary Iran-backed party Hezbollah made an appearance in the U.S. elections after someone voted for him.

This comes after multiple humorous incidents where a vote for Nabih Berri was counted in Fresno, California, as well as widely loved Lebanese pop-singer Haifa Wehbe garnering one vote in the State of Michigan.

The unwarranted vote was apparently registered in the state of Michigan, which is known to encompass a large population of Lebanese-American citizens.

One thing is apparent with that trend. Some Lebanese-Americans are not favoring any of the U.S. presidential candidates nor are up to do their civic duty. It seems they miss their homeland and its fervent sectarian politics.