A Touching Song From The Lebanese Diaspora In Canada To Their People In Lebanon (Video)

Euro Canada News/Aya Chouaib | Vogue Arabia

Conseil MAM-Sainte Famille- Canada channel released a YouTube video titled El Mghtrbin, meaning “The Diaspora” in which several Lebanese, including a child, joined to sing their love, support, and loyalty to their people in the homeland.

“You say we in the diaspora have forgotten the homeland,” the video starts with that message.

“This work is a message of longing and love from the expatriates in Canada and the world to our people in Lebanon”, the video states, leading to the song with touching lyrics, written by Elie El-Zir.

Produced by Rani Saker, the video shows scenes of the traditional Lebanese life – Manakish Saj, families celebrating in nature, and barbeque on the grill, and also scenes of the Lebanese at their work and labor abroad.

“O Lebanese, we are here, your limit is us in the whole universe,” the song expressed in a message meant to infuse hope in the people enduring the severe crisis in Lebanon.

The lead singer Rodolph Al Khoury is joined by singers Vanessa Yousef, Evana Saloum, Manal Saliba Nader, Rola Ajaltooni Sassine, Elias Haddad, and Johnny Fares as they each sing individually their longing and love for their country in melodies composed by Fady Gibrael.

Longing is further expressed by Vanessa Yousef singing, “We were forced to leave our country… Lebanon [is] from us and within… Whenever the Cedar’s branches waive, we offer our soul full-hearted until the glory finds us.”

“Raise your head, O my country, we built our epitome throughout your years”, sings Rodolph Al Khoury, “and no matter how far we are, O my country, the cedars will guide us back to you.”

Lebanese in the diaspora are seen through the video holding signs addressed to the homeland, that read, “I didn’t forget you” and “I miss you.”

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