The Song Mike Shinoda Produced For A Lebanese Musician Is Finally Out (Video)

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The Dubai-based Lebanese musician who goes by Hadi, or Hadi Plays Music, just released his latest song “Clarity” which was produced by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

Shinoda, one of the American band’s founding members, came across Hadi over social media when the online community kept tagging and commenting about the Lebanese artist.

In an interview with The961, Hadi said that, at the time, Shinoda had announced a project where he would produce songs written by artists that his community brought forward to him. The project was titled #ShinodaProduceMe.

Since Linkin Park and Shinoda were the inspiration behind Hadi’s music journey, he immediately got to work recording his song “Clarity”.

Hadi wrote “Clarity” around two years ago but couldn’t produce it in a way that felt right to him, he told us. This was the perfect chance for him to give the song a professional touch by one of his icons.

The song centers on anxiety and mental health, an issue Hadi had struggled with throughout his life. The lyrics were written during an episode of anxiety, where Hadi used the moment to capture his feelings and channel them into something healing and cathartic, he told us.

“At the core of it, ‘Clarity’ is about pleading for someone else to lend us their inner peace and let us borrow it for a second, rather than try to help us feel better. In those heavy moments when the anxiety is too real, it just feels like there’s no way to fix it,” he explained.

However, Hadi let us know that he navigates through the anxiety by applying self-love and educating himself about mental health.

You can watch the video of Shinoda producing “Clarity” here:

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The Song Mike Shinoda Produced For A Lebanese Musician Is Finally Out (Video)

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