Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the South I (Saida-Jezzine) District In Lebanon’s Elections


With the rise of revolutionary youths, driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills to face a tough challenge to their long-standing ruling status in parliament.

Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies. This time might not be different, other than the determination of the new free-voices rising from the misgovernance-created crises to bring radical changes.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation. Here’s the list of all candidates in the South I district (Saida, Jezzine) for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list below, FPM stands for the Free Patriotic Movement of Gebran Bassil, and Amal for the Amal Movement of Nabih Berri who has been Speaker of the Parliament since 1992.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Elie Yousef AboutasMaronite Capable
Emilio Tony MatarMaronite Capable
Ahmad Mohamad Walid al-AssiSunni Capable
Ismail Mohamad Dib HafoudaSunni Capable
Yousef Hanna SkaffGreek Catholic Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Ibrahim Samir AzarMaronite Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Nabil Mahmoud Eizel Dine ZaatariSunni Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Ghada Khalil AyoubGreek Catholic Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Saaed Sleiman AsmarMaronite Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Wissam Yousef al-TawilMaronite Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Yousef Mohamad al-NakibSunni Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Joseph Milad Milade Yousef MitriGreek Catholic The Voice of Change
Mohamad Ali Jamil TahraSunni The Voice of Change
Rana Walid El TawilSunni The Voice of Change
Salim Antoine KhouryGreek Catholic Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Amal Hekmat Abou ZeidMaronite Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Ziad Michel AswadMaronite Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Ali Sadek al-Shaikh AmmarSunni Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Mohamad Shakir Soheil KawwasSunni Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Jamil Iskandar DagherGreek Catholic We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Robert Elias al-KhouryGreek Catholic We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Charbel Maroun MasaadMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Joseph Elias AsmarMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Kamil Farid SerhalMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Sleiman Elias MalekMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Abdel Rahman BizriSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Hania Hani ZaatariSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Mohamad Fadi ZarifSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Osama Maarouf SaadSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)

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