8 Wellness Spas In Byblos To Treat Yourself With A Relaxing Time


A good way to detox and relax from the summer heat and draining activities is to get oneself a nice spa experience.

With more than 5 spas in Byblos, these are the most important ones to visit if you are looking for a nice and relaxing experience:

Soukoun Wellness Spa & Gym

Soukoun is a gym and wellness spa located within the Maximus Hotel, offering a variety of facial and body massages, including body scrubs, peeling, body draining, and others. It is also a state-of-the-art gym.

For more information: 70 929 777

Eunoia Medical Spa

Eunoia is a medical spa located in the Byblos sun building.

It offers a full-service spa, including both body and face massages, scrubs, and treatments.

Eunoia offers various bundles and options that are budget friendly yet gives you an ultimate experience.

For more information: 81 117 41

Eddesands Tropical Spa

Located near the shores of Eddesands, eTropical offers a unique spa experience in their resort.

With a specialized team and tools, eTropical is a sophisticated spa that you will enjoy.

For more information, you can contact them through WhatsApp on 76 361 362

Spa De Vie

Spa De Vie is a top location if you’re looking to relieve stress and enjoy a nice massage.

With many bundles and various holiday offers, Spa De Vie is a great spa destination for a personal relaxing time or if you want to gift someone a smooth massage.

For more information: +9619543190 or +96170543190

Vspa Jbeil

A medical spa destination, Spa is located in Victory Byblos Hotel and offers a variety of professional massages for men and women, singles, and couples, such as Aromatic Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Back&neck, Reflexology, Pregnant massage, Post partum, and more.

It also offers physiotherapy and a variety of beauty sessions, such as slimming machines, facial, esthetics, peeling, and more.

For more info, contact 70240854.

Oceana Spa

Located in Byblos Old Souks, Oceana Spa offers professional massage by certified massage experts, with all kinds of oils services, including Deep Tissue, Sweedish Massage, Reflexology, Gua-Sha Massage, and others.

For more info, contact 70575440

Byblos Sud Spa

Located in the Ishtar building at Byblos Sud Village, this spa offers an optimized wellness experience with a hydropool and several professional massage services. It also offers beauty care treatments, such as micro-needling, scar treatment, sun damage, anti-aging, and more.

For more info, contact 71 614 111.

Guias Medical Spa

A medical spa located in Guias Hotel on the Byblos Highway, the place offers beauty care, massage, laser, body treatment, and much more.

For more info, contact 09 795 016

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