The New Secretary Of State For Migration In Spain Is Lebanese

The Spanish government approved the designation of the Socialist Worker’s Party representative in Madrid and the lecturer at Carlos University, of Lebanese origin, Dr. Hana Jalloul, as the Secretary of State for Migration in the government of Pedro Sanchez.

Dr. Jalloul is “a Beiruti Lebanese born and raised in Spain to a Lebanese doctor and a Spanish mother,” according to NDU Professor Al-Nakri who knows her personally. 

She is 41 years old and holds a Ph.D. in the Department of International Relations and International Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Dr. Jalloul has participated in two projects of the European Commission in Lebanon for a period of three years, with the aim of Spain building peace in Lebanon, remarkably after the 2006 Israeli war.

Currently a lecturer in international terrorism at Carlos III University, she was also a political assistant in the European Union Electoral Observation Mission for the Lebanese parliamentary elections in 2009. That’s in addition to her participation in other missions with the European Union in Lebanon.

She also worked as an adviser for the Spanish Minister of Culture José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes at the Delegation of the Government of Spain in the Community of Madrid.

Dr. Jalloul was chosen as the regional legislature’s spokesperson at the Committee on Justice, Interior, and Victims of Terrorism after being elected as a member of the 11th term of the regional legislature.

Taking by her expertise in international law and terrorism, Dr. Jalloul will be responsible for creating policies and projects that promote regular and organized migration.

She emphasizes the issues of Lebanon and the Middle East and pays close attention to their conflicts.

Lebanon’s former MP Ghinwa Jalloul, who also happens to be Dr. Hana Jalloul’s cousin, wrote on her Facebook page congratulating her cousin: “I am proud to be Hana Jalloul’s cousin. Congratulations.”

As for NDU professor Muhammad Al-Naqri, who knows her personally, he praised her with these words: “She is a flame of inexhaustible intelligence, a source of inexhaustible knowledge, and a movement in communication that does not know stillness.”

Al-Naqri went further elaborating: “After she was a member of the European Parliament, the Spanish government named her as prospective Secretary of State for Migration … She is a Beiruti Lebanese born and raised in Spain to a Lebanese doctor and a Spanish mother… She is Hana Jalloul.”

Addressing Dr. Jalloul, he said: “Congratulations to you, Hana, in this high ministerial position. Lebanon has not benefited from you as is it’s our habit to send Lebanese brains abroad.”

“Lebanon only seems to benefit from those who are eager to support corrupt leaders and plunder the money of people, even the poor ones,” he concluded.

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