Spanish Police Dance to Baby Shark to Entertain Isolated Locals

The Independent

People all around the world are struggling with the global pandemic, COVID-19. Countries in Europe such as Italy and Spain have recorded extremely high numbers of deaths. In fact, Spain has recorded over 800 deaths in a matter of 24-hours.

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, people have confined themselves to their homes. Countries worldwide are imposing lockdowns and curfews.

Lockdowns can become tedious. So for fun, some people sing or play music from their balconies; as we’ve seen in Italy and Lebanon, and also in Spain and Poland.

In an effort to lift the spirits of locals, the Spanish police have been singing and dancing outside the homes of isolated residents.

Now, they strike again, dancing to the popular Baby Shark song to entertain people and spread positive vibes.

Speaking of Baby Shark, there’s even a coronavirus inspired version of the Baby Shark song called, “Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark” to encourage good hygiene.

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